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Groupe Robertson Patrimoine

16 years’ experience in International Wealth & Asset Management.


With 16 years experience in International Wealth Management (Miami, Barcelona, Montpellier, Mauritius), Groupe Robertson Patrimoine is now dedicated to the wealth management of individuals interested in settling or investing in Mauritius.

We market and sell Real Estate Projects (RES, IRS, PDS) to international customers in Mauritius who, via their investment, benefit  a residence permit.

Our clients are mainly from the United Kingdom, Europe, Russia, China, or Africa.

Our company supports the implementation of our customers in Mauritius, from the administrative part until the approval of their residence permit. We offer a unique service in Mauritius.

We thus shield our customers from facing the burden of administrative paperwork themselves, and we protect them from any extra fees that come with third party companies.

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Groupe Robertson Patrimoine,

Wealth & asset management specialist and leader of property investment in Mauritius, supports its customers before, during and after their investment. A unique service that no other company offers to its customers on the island.

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Our Services

Our company aims to accompany and guide you with any of your investments in Mauritius, taking care of all the administrative paperwork as well as the sale or leasing of a property. Our services  correspond to international standards across Europe, United Kingdom, Russia, China, or Africa.

Our selection of properties are mostly concentrated in the north of Mauritius, and we also offer RES, IRS and PDS projects on the whole of the island.

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The benefits of Investing in Mauritius

To attract investors, Mauritius has signed an agreement with 35 countries to avoid double taxation for investors. Other significant and particularly interesting tax benefits of investing in luxury property in Mauritius include:

  •     NO residential and property tax
  •     NO tax on inheritance
  •     NO tax on dividends
  •     NO tax on wealth
  •     NO tax on capital gains

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Residence Permit in Mauritius

Acquiring a RES, IRS or PDS property gives the buyer the automatic access to the permanent residence permit in Mauritius and applies to the spouse and children up to 24 years.


Groupe Robertson Patrimoine offers the complete management of procedures with the Mauritian government and of the notarized steps to make your acquisition a reliable and secure investment.



Groupe Robertson Patrimoine

16 years’ experience in International Wealth & Asset Management.

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