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Neeven Parsooramen – Barrister at law

Neeven Parsooramen studied at the University of Kent and Brunelle University in England.He holds a BA in Law and Accounting & Finance and a Master's degree in Private Economic Law and
International Trade.
Barrister Parsooramen was sworn at the Honorable Lincoln Inn in England and has been a member of the Mauritius Bar Association since 2011.


His predominant activities are: Civil Law, Criminal Law, Tax Law, Commercial Law, Company Law, Business Law, Real
Estate Law, Labor Law, Banking Law, and Insurance.

His areas of intervention are:

Business, Company and Company Law

- Assistance in selecting the legal structure best suited to the client's situation;
- Creation of companies and other legal structures;
- Drafting the articles of association of the company and any other legal structure;
- Creation and filing of the company creation file and any other legal structure;
- Advice on the sale or takeover of companies;
- Drafting partnership pacts;
- Drafting of commercial pacts;
- Registration of intellectual property;
- Assistance in opening bank accounts;
- Drafting of share transfer agreements and/or shares;
- Drafting of the merger pacts;
- Intervention in any form of commercial dispute.

Civil and Administrative Law
- Forming and filing of residency permit files;
- Intervention in any form of litigation in civil and administrative matters.

Fiscal Law
- Advice relating to the tax law of legal persons (civil or commercial companies);
- Councils relating to the tax law of natural persons;
- Advice on real estate taxation;
- VAT and indirect taxes;
- Local taxes;
- International and Community Taxation;
- Intervention in tax audits;
- Intervention in all tax disputes of companies and individuals.


Real Estate Law
- Real estate advice;
- Drafting of commercial leases, residential leases, professional leases and mixed leases;
- Advice on Promise of Purchase and Sales Agreement;
- Advice on co-ownerships
- Intervention in deportation proceedings.

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