Real estate investment

in Mauritius
To promote development and attract foreign investors, Mauritius has concluded fiscal treaties to avoid double taxation with more than thirty countries worldwide, including France, Belgium, Luxembourg, UK, UAE, Monaco, Italy, Germany, South Africa and Australia among others.

As a result, any property acquired on the Mauritian territory is not included in the calculation of the tax on wealth and the income obtained from the rental or resale of real estate in Mauritius is taxable only in Mauritius and not in the country of origin of the investor.
In addition to the lower cost of construction in Mauritius (a quarter of the European cost), investing in real estate in Mauritius offers other major advantages for foreign investors such as:
  • No property tax
  • No residential tax
  • No Social charge for national debt consolidation
  • No taxes on inheritance tax

The Mauritian Residence Permit

According to the regulations of the B.O.I (Board of Investment of Mauritius), permanent residence permits a non-citizen to work and live in Mauritius for a period of ten years. The residence permit is issued according to specific investment criteria, including the real estate sector. The Permanent Residence Permit is granted for any investment as from $ 500,000 (US dollars) and is applicable to the investor’s family including spouse and children up to 24 years of age. This permit is attached to the acquired property and is renewable every 10 years. The foreign acquirer and his family thus benefit fully from all the advantages associated with this investment scheme. For real estate purchases below this threshold, the acquirer investor benefits from the continuous residence on the island (6 months per year) with all the associated advantages, particularly the possibility of electing Mauritius as his tax residence. This procedure is not to be taken lightly or autonomously and requires the intervention of a specialist in property law.

Acquiring Real Estate Property in Mauritius

Non-Mauritians can acquire a real estate property under specific investment programs accessible to foreigners. Any foreigner who wishes to make a real estate purchase in Mauritius must first of all file a written request to the Board of Investment (BOI) with supporting documents including among others: Copy of Applicant's Passport Letter of recommendation from applicant's bank. The cost of this application is ten thousand Mauritian rupees, roughly equivalent to 250 Euros. However, the BOI should be approached for the details of the application, either by telephone, by a representative or by visiting the site. If the request is accepted by the BOI, the buyer can proceed: to the signature of the Preliminary Reservation Agreement to the transfer of 10% of the total price of the purchase/investment to an escrow account opened by the notary in the name of the buyer in a Mauritian bank within 15 days to the signing of the deed of sale to the payment, in the presence of the notary, of 90% of the total price for an already constructed property or 20% if it is an investment in off-plan.

The VEFA or Off-plan (Sale in Future State of Completion) in Mauritius

The real estate investment under VEFA/ Off-plan requires the developer to have a Financial Guarantee of Completion. The latter is issued by a bank designated by the authorities and is subject to 60% pre-booking, thus ensuring that the proposed real estate project will be completed. The VEFA is a device that allows buying a property to be built with the possibility of a gradual disbursement of the funds. A VEFA contract implies that the purchaser becomes the owner of the land upon signing the contract of sale, and then owns the dwelling as it is constructed. This type of purchase involves the follow-up of a specific calendar to make the payments of funds through the escrow account of a notary in the following order: 10% upon completion of foundations 35% when putting out of water 25% upon completion of construction 5% on delivery of keys Real estate purchases by a Non-Mauritian Citizen can be done for a property already built or in VEFA (purchase on plan) under the following devices: Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS) Real Estate Scheme (RES) Property Development Scheme (PDS) Smart City Scheme G+2: Apartment in a building with two or more floors with an investment of minimum of 6 million MUR. (This device does not give the right of residence and remains subject to the validations of the property by the B.O.I) The third-party costs of the Mauritian real estate investment for a foreign citizen are: Government Expenses B.O.I - 5% or US $ 25,000 (depending on investment plan and property category) Notary fees - 1.15%

The French Civil Code

In order to ensure the smooth running of the sale, it is necessary to have recourse to the services of a local notary as stated in the Napoleonic Civil Code. It is a vestige of the French past of the island, which is not to displease French and other European investors wanting clarity and transparency. The notary will: Officialise the legal act Register; therefore authenticate the transaction and ownership Verify that the seller is the owner of the property to be acquired. Ensure the validity and legality of the real estate transaction clauses. Act as a privileged interlocutor for the purchaser who wishes to better understand the official documents written in English.

The Financing of a Real Estate Purchase by a Foreigner in Mauritius

A foreign acquirer who wishes to take out a loan to finance the purchase of a property in Mauritius has the opportunity to turn to local banks. However, interest rates on borrowing are much higher than in the UK for example. In addition, it should be noted that local banks can offer up to half (50%) of financing for the purchase of a property. Beyond 50%, the applicant must be able to give guarantees, generally equivalent to 50% of the amount lent.

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