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Investing in Mauritian real estate.
Investing in real estate is one of the safest investments to build up a sustainable heritage to pass on to future generations. It is even better if the investment is made in a country that provides tax benefits to the investor.

Mauritius, a country ranked among the top 10 in the world in terms of peace and economic success, also applies an attractive tax policy that includes several tax advantages to the foreign investor in Mauritius.
To allow foreigners to buy real estate in Mauritius, the Mauritian government has introduced the PDS (Property Development Scheme) to replace the former RES and IRS, which regulates the construction and sales of and apartments accessible to foreigners on properties with associated services for an exclusive comfort and in phase with the surrounding landscape.

Real estate investment in Mauritius is similar to what is practised in France, UK or elsewhere; the off-plan method allows a gradual unblocking of the funds, in line with the progress of the works, until the handing over of the keys and the removal of reservations.

It is also possible to buy an already completed property that is accessible to foreigners.

Any investment of more than USD 500,000 grants permanent residence to foreign purchasers including their spouses and children up to 24 years of age.

An agreement signed between Mauritius and several countries also allows investors to not be subject to the various taxes and other taxes on income and wealth that would otherwise be taxable to them if their financial investment had been made in their country of origin.

IRS or RES? In the early 2000s, the Mauritian government put in place two specific and regulated legal frameworks. The IRS (Integrated Resort Scheme) and RES (Real Estate Scheme) schemes, which designate the main programs available to investors wishing to immerse themselves in Mauritian real estate, These two types of programs are differentiated by the size, facilities and selling prices of the real estate project.

IRS ( Integrated Resort Scheme)
Investing in real estate under IRS scheme for a foreigner means acquiring a luxury property (villa, loft or apartment) in a grand complex, which extends over an area of more than 10 hectares. The complex in question has to offer multiple high-end services such as individual swimming pools, golf courses, marinas, restaurants, hotels, sports complexes, security and concierge services, to name but a few.

By investing in real estate under IRS, the buyer automatically gets a permanent residence permit in Mauritius for him, his spouse and his dependent children under the age of 24.

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RES  (Real Estate Scheme)
Investing in real estate under RES regime for a foreigner or a Mauritian implies the purchase of a property that is part of a smaller project than the IRS.

Thus, the surface on which the complex extends can measure between 4 and 10 hectares. The minimum price of the property acquired may be less than $ 500,000, and does not automatically open the rights to a permanent residence permit.

However, the investor has to pay a registration fee, a government tax, and a registration fee.

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PDS (Property Development Scheme)
In view of harmonising the regulation of real estate laws, the Mauritian government decided to create a single legal framework. The PDS (Property Development Scheme) has therefore been put into action since June 2015, opening the luxury real estate market to foreign investors, but also to Mauritian citizens.


PDS properties can only be sold by experienced developers.

They are environmentally friendly and naturally integrate the neighbouring Mauritian habitat.

The PDS operate in a green, naturally ventilated frame with solar panels and water recovery systems, among others.

The complexes must be accessible to the local population in the interests of social harmony.

The PDS regime does not impose a minimum purchase price on the foreign investor who wishes to benefit from the tax advantages offered by Mauritius.

The PDS grants permanent residence for any purchase of property over $ 500,000.

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