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Groupe Robertson Patrimoine is a wealth management firm with more than 16 years of successful experience between Paris, Miami, Barcelona and Mauritius.

With a unique approach and service, our company specializes in prestige real-estate in Mauritius, active in the promotion, construction, brokerage, investment of securities and real estate.

Our mission is to become your preferred partner for all your real estate projects.

Our real estate offers cover all of Mauritius with exclusive properties such as Le Mont Olympe, our current PDS project.

We offer luxury villas and apartments accessible to foreign citizens for purchase and investment in Mauritius under the PDS, RES, IRS schemes as well as listings for the local market and for rental.


Investing in real estate in Mauritius includes several tax advantages with several exemptions and absences from taxes and consequent taxes.

Our firm offers you a unique service in Mauritius:

Investors: We offer you full coverage before, during and after your investment in Mauritius: from the administrative part of your acquisition including the procedures for the residence permit to the completion of your financing file and managing your property if you so wish.

Tenants: We offer a professional service ranging from the research of your new house to rent, the management of the administrative procedures of expatriation, as well as the follow-up of your installation in Mauritius.

Owners-Landlords*: We offer an innovative property management solution, without management fees and without intermediaries, for high-end clients.


The team at Groupe Robertson Patrimoine is ready to answer all of your legal, administrative, tax and commercial questions.

Our clients' follow-up integrates many services such as:

  • The opening of bank accounts,
  • Follow-up, advice and full legal oversight with the Board of Investment
  • Applications for Residence Permit, Permit Occupation, and other related permits
  • The creation of civil societies (offshore or domestic).


We thus avoid our customers from being confronted with all the administrative procedures to be accomplished as well as the sometimes excessive fees of going through third parties.



We also provide a concierge service to our investor clients which includes:

  • Pick-up at the airport to their place of stay
  • Find a car for rent
  • Looking for a short rental property during their stay in Mauritius.


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Investing in real estate in Mauritius includes several particularly interesting tax advantages with several exemptions and consequent tax absences.

Our firm takes care of you for all the administrative part of your investment, from your Residence Permit to completing your financing file and ensuring the management of your property.

Our Real Estate Asset Management consulting service is based on five axes:

  • Securitization of the real-estate investment by the
  • selection of safe products and guaranteed by a bank (GFA) as well as completion of the financing file with a contribution of 50%
  • Selection of an attractive geographical area allowing and ensuring a good rental profitability.
  • Selection of real estate programs offering the most high-end services.
  • Monitoring and daily management of your real estate assets.
  • The composition of real-estate products tailored to the budget, the time required to invest, and the simple desire for a profitable investment or the willingness to expatriate in the short or long term.


See our real estate offers accessible to foreign citizens for investment.


See our offers for purchase in local market for Mauritian citizens.


Our Real Estate Management service includes:

  • Free estimate of your property for rent, sale, and resale.
  • Advice to optimize your property at market height value.
  • Active and accurate search for your future purchase or rental.
  • Administrative management of the good tenure of your property, without agency fees added.
  • Personalized Accompaniment and Follow-up of your real estate project.

See our prestige properties for rent in Mauritius


Our Associated Services

Our partnered services for all our clients include:

  • Your pick-up at the airport to your place of residence
  • Looking for a rental property during your stay in Mauritius.
  • A maintenance service for your purchased or rented villa/apartment, including plumbing, electricity and other services, if necessary during your stay in Mauritius. (Interventions are made within 24 hours of calling our emergency number.)
  • Find a rental car or organize a seaplane tour through our partners.